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Renting Outdoor Bistro Lights-Advantages and Disadvantages

bistro lights for rent

Always consider renting outdoor bistro lights while organizing a night outdoor event. Lighting enhances the ambiance you want to create and ensures visitors can move about safely. In addition, Bistro light rentals in Miami, FL, might be the best option if you want to emphasize the lights instead of the cords.

Bistro lighting rentals have a transparent round bulb suspended from a dark wire. They are a flexible decorative choice that can be hung from hooks or beams, inside or outside tents, within trees, etc. Moreover, they offer enough light to make your place secure. 

Bistro lights are only good in some situations, though. We’ll review some of the pros and cons of bistro lights besides other options so you can easily decide about your event lighting rentals.

The Advantages of Renting Outdoor Bistro Lights for Patio Parties and Events

advantages of renting outdoor bistro lights

Bistro lights have the advantage of being versatile regarding where and how you may place them. For instance, you can use bistro lights over pergolas, arbors, or down the middle of the tent. That configuration advantage offers enough direct overhead illumination without needing a fixed electrical connection, like for a fan and light installation.

The range of visual effects that bistro lights may provide is another advantage. You can hand them within or around trees to enhance the outdoors without damaging them. Additionally, you can use bistro lights to create a shower appearance down a wall. The result may also be obtained by hanging bistro lights from a pergola’s ceiling. 

To create a unique pattern that you might not be able to accomplish with lighting alternatives like spotlights or submerged lighting, you can use bistro lights to illuminate other features, like fountains and waterfalls.

Consider renting outdoor bistro lights to illuminate pathways and entrances. They can be placed next to a walkway, raised a little, and attached to poles to provide immediate lighting through the walking space. Bistro lighting can also be hung over nearby structures like balconies, posts, and overhangs to generate overhead illumination.

Consequently, it is another excellent chance to use greenery in your lighting design, especially trees. For example, you can use bistro lights to cover an entranceway or a swimming pool to light up a particular location and increase visibility in select areas for safety purposes.

Last but not least, there are several styles, colors, and bulb choices for bistro lights. Summer nights are perfect for overhead lighting, and Edison-type bulbs employ a fluorescent bulb to provide a warm glow that offers cozy but not excessively bright lighting. For a lively ambiance, colored bulbs are also an option.

The Disadvantages of Using Outdoor Bistro Lights for Patio Parties and Events

led lights

Bistro lights are a fantastic lighting choice for many different purposes and styles. But they will only satisfy some of your lighting requirements. So, before renting bistro lights, keep the following things in mind.

Bistro lights might cost more upfront than other lighting alternatives, mainly LED lighting rentals. Depending on your lighting rental budget, there might be more affordable choices. However, because LED lights use less energy, there is a favorite for venues. Also, LED bulbs suit you if you often use your patio lights. However, if you entertain rarely, they might not be the best investment. Our party rentals in Miami professionals can install bistro lighting since LEDs are slightly brighter than other lighting alternatives and can cause a commotion in venues. Therefore, place them properly so as not to make a commotion. 

Lastly, don’t use bistro lights to highlight particular structures or to cover a broad area. Longer walkways may be safely connected with posts for an effective electrical connection without risking the wiring for the string lights breaking. Although some bistro lighting can be energy-efficient, it is more frequently employed as an intimate light source in weddings than for overall lighting. Consider utilizing Miami uplight rentals or downlighting a specified area to enhance illumination.