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Black Padded Chairs

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black folding padded chairs

Black Padded Chairs made of Wood

• Solid-wood with a light-weight design.
• Black Vinyl padded upholstered seat.
• Chair Weight:  9.5 lbs.
• Chair Height:  30.75“
• Seat Height:  18.00“
• Seat Dimensions: 15.00” Width x 14.00” Depth


If you want a stylish and comfortable seating option for your next event, look no further than wood black padded chair rentals. These chairs are perfect for modern events, whether it’s a wedding, a conference, a party, or a seminar.

  • They have a sleek and elegant design that complements any decor and a padded seat and back, providing maximum comfort for your guests.
  • Black padded chairs are easy to set up and take down and can be stacked for convenient storage.
  • They are also durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or tipping over.

Black padded wooden chairs are the ultimate choice for modern events requiring functionality and aesthetics. They will make your event look more professional and sophisticated, and your guests will appreciate the cozy and relaxing seating.

These folding wood padded chairs are perfect for modern events and are affordable and versatile. You can use them for any occasion and setting, and they will always enhance the ambiance and mood of your event.

These wood-padded chairs are the best way to make your event stand out and impress attendees.

When planning your next modern event, don’t settle for anything less than black wood folding chair rentals with vinyl padded seats.

Besides Black Wooden Padded Chairs, We Also Offer White for Weddings

Black padded chairs for rent are perfect for modern events but are not the only option. You can also choose from white wood padded chair rentals. These colors can add some contrast and variety to your event and match different themes and styles. Whether you want a classic, elegant, fun, or vibrant event, you can find a color that suits your needs. Our padded chairs have the same features and benefits, regardless of the color.