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7 Proven Tips to Keep Your Event Party Tent Cool During Summer

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How to keep your event party tent cool in summer?

Having your occasion in an event party tent in the summer is cool since it is perfect for an outdoor celebration.

However, it can also get too hot to manage at times.  Avoid letting the heat ruin your event by using tent rentals in Miami

Use these suggestions to keep your tent cool and comfy during your event while the temperature rises.

1. Choose the Correct Event Party Tent to Keep Cool

On summer days, installing cooling equipment will help keep your tent cool. However, it’s also crucial to consider the type of tent you’re using. They are specific tent designs that keep you cool. These tents use a fabric that effectively “blocks out” the sun, lowering the level of heat that enters your tent. It performs exactly what it says.

2. Rent Cooling Equipment For Your Tent

outdoor patio fan for tent event

Your tent vendor might suggest many cooling options when you speak with them. Party tent rental Miami experts can cool it in the summertime, the same way tent heater rentals reduce the cold during the winter. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Fans: For many gatherings, strategically positioned fans will be enough to keep things cool. You can circulate cooled air inside a pole tent by hanging fans from the poles. Moreover, consider large outdoor fans and place them at the corners for better air circulation. The Miami party rental company can assist you in locating the ideal patio fan rentals for your event.

AC Rentals-Many vendors now provide complete air conditioning tent systems. If it’s hot or muggy the day of your event, it is perfect for this. You might need AC for significant events because they are significantly more potent than fans. However, renting AC is more expensive per square foot. By speaking with them, determine if your supplier can offer AC or fan rentals.

 3. Install the Tent in the Shade for Cooling Down

It will help keep the tent cool if you can set it up in the shade. But setting up a tent under a large tree branch isn’t appropriate. If it breaks, it can result in roof damage. The tent will have enough shade provided by a nearby structure. You can easily beat the heat using the correct shade and patio fans.

4.  Set up the Tent on the Grass Instead of Concrete

party tent installation on grass

Keep the tent cool by setting it up on grass instead of concrete. The heat can enter your tent through the floor since heat rises. It will occur if you erect your tent on the pavement. Your tent will stay much more relaxed with grass flooring. 

You can hire tent flooring if you’re concerned about people falling on the grass. It provides a level surface and keeps shoes with high heels from getting caught.

5. Choose Your Event Time Wisely

If you’re hosting a summer event, you already know that by noon, it will be scorching. That suggests a sweltering and humid party tent. The time of your event will be pretty important. 

Therefore, hold the occasion in the evening or later in the day. The weather is much colder, and the tent will be much more comfortable. It doesn’t require much work and dramatically improves the quality of life.

6.  Eliminate The Event Party Tent Side Walls

Undeniably, side walls on tents look fantastic, but the issue is that they obstruct ventilation. If you rent AC equipment or many patio fans, sidewalls will only keep your wedding tent cool. Eliminate the side walls to allow airflow and keep the area cool. 

The tent will stay cool a lot longer if a breeze is permitted. Additionally, setting up your tent in a shaded spot lets you enjoy the scenery of the outdoors most.

7. Add Ceiling Fans for your Event Party Tent

For your party tent, ceiling fans are available. These are simple to keep your tent cool. Cooled air will be sent toward guests when a ceiling fan is turned in the proper direction. Ask your supplier to provide this for you.

 Rent Snow Cone Machines

Consider renting a snow cone machine since everyone who attends will love them, and they’ll also help them cool off during a summer party. Providing a concession machine rental at your event is a proven method to reduce people’s heat.