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4 Best Party Tables You Can Rent for Your Event

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best party tables to rent for events

For an outdoor event, picking the best party tables is essential to creating a welcoming and practical atmosphere for your guests. With many options, renting the table rentals in Miami that best match your event might be challenging.

The four most popular types of outdoor event tables—rectangle, square, round, and garden—will be discussed. We will advise you on the crucial decisions to select the best party tables.

Rectangle Party Tables

6ft wooden rectangular party table

The most prevalent style of outdoor table you can rent is rectangular. They are flexible and utilize space effectively. Usually, rectangular tables can seat two to ten people and are between four and eight feet long.

They offer adequate room for guests to enjoy the food comfortably, making them ideal for outdoor gatherings. Rectangular tables can also be arranged in long rows or smaller groups.

The requirements of the event will determine the table arrangement. Choose between a combination of rows and columns or lengthy rows. Ensure adequate space between tables for people to move around and personnel to move.

Square Party Tables

Another common option for outdoor gatherings is square tables, particularly ones with a contemporary appearance. They can seat up to four people but often are smaller than rectangular tables.

Square tables are ideal for outdoor gatherings where you want people to mingle. 

You can also arrange them in a larger grid to create a communal seating arrangement perfect for casual events.

You have more options for table configuration with square tables. The tables can be set up in many ways, such as a straight row, a cluster of square tables, or a mix of square and rectangular tables. 

Choose a setup that serves the goals of the occasion and encourages participation and a sense of unity.

Round Party Tables

72 inch best party wood tables

For outdoor occasions like weddings, round tables are popular. They are 4 to 6 feet in diameter and can hold eight to twelve people.

Round tables with tablecloths are recommended for outdoor gatherings that call for a more formal or traditional setting, such as weddings or business galas. 

Since everyone faces each other, round table rentals encourage interaction and conversation among the visitors.

Garden Party Tables

Garden tables are popular for outdoor events in a garden or other natural locations. Typically, they have a hardwood top with a rustic finish. 

Typically rectangular, garden tables can accommodate up to eight people. They work well for informal outdoor gatherings like picnics and garden parties.

These are a few tables that party rentals offer for hire. 

Things to Consider Before Renting Tables

When choosing the right kind of table for your outdoor gathering, keep the following in mind:

The type of the event: Different table settings near me are required for a wedding vs a picnic or BBQ.

How many people will you host—larger groups will call for extra tables and seating options.

The space available: Since there may not be much room for a venue setting, your table options may be limited.

The table should fit your overall design and theme to match the general appearance of the event.

Add Tablecloths to your Event Tables

table linen rentals

Most bare tables you rent won’t be attractive, and they might even look out of place. Consider including table runners, centerpieces, matching table linens, or other decorative accents to enhance the appearance of the tables.

Select decorations that go well with the event’s theme. A striking effect can be achieved by ensuring the tablecloths are sufficiently large to cover the table and have adequate overhangs. 

To make a welcoming ambiance in your event:

  • Ensure adequate lighting at the tables.
  • Ensure that the Miami, Florida, uplight rentals do not obstruct the visitors’ ability to view their food or one another.
  • Balance your use of artificial and natural lighting in indoor and outdoor settings.

Hire from a trustworthy business that offers a variety of tables. The best Party Rental Group professionals can advise you on the best tables.